2020 British Farming Awards Beef Innovator of the Year


Earlier in the year we reported that Andrew had been Shortlisted British Farming Awards 2020 – Beef Innovator of the Year award

We are pleased to announce that Andrew Hodgson of Cheverton Farm has been named Beef Innovator of the Year at the 2020 British Farming Awards.

During 2019 Andrew decided to transform his farming operation at Shorwell to supply the local market with Isle of Wight produced beef, lamb and pork. This included significant investment in a new state-of-the-art dry ageing and butchery facility.

The new plant now processes 400 local cattle, 1500 lambs and 250 pigs per year including stock from other Isle of Wight farms and smallholdings. The majority of the meat is sold under Cheverton’s Isle of Wight Meat Co. brand through local butchers, pubs, restaurants, independent retailers as well as their own online shop and home- delivery service.

Andrew said:

‘Shortly after launching the new venture Covid-19 hit and it meant restructuring the business overnight, which has been a significant challenge, but one we feel we have worked hard to achieve. Being recognised with a national award is fantastic news and will give us further confidence in growing the business to deliver high-quality locally produced meats from farm-to-fridge.’

The new dry-ageing and butchery plant has created eight new jobs at the farm as well as providing a facility to support other local businesses.

‘Alongside the development of the Isle of Wight Meat Co our vision has been to provide an opportunity for other local farms and businesses and we are currently working with Norris Stores and Lady Acre Farm to establish a ‘micro-local’ supply chain where the farm and retailers are within the same village’.

Andrew Hodgson

Success for Cheverton Farm & The Isle of Wight Meat Co. has come hot on the heels of Briddlesford Farm’s 2019 British Dairy Innovator of the Year Award. It seems that the Isle of Wight is leading the way for innovative farming.

You can shop online for Isle of Wight Meat, with delivery islandwide and mainland deliveries in the near future.

About Isle of Wight Meat Co.

Eat Less. Eat Better

Our philosophy at the Isle of Wight Meat Co. is that if we are going to eat meat, we need to do it better. We believe in livestock raised to the highest welfare standards. A supply chain that is transparent and equitable (from Farm to Fridge). And a slow, nose-to-tail approach to our ageing and butchery. We believe that we don’t have to eat meat everyday, and as a result our health and environment will benefit. So yes eat a little less, but more importantly, Eat Better.

Slow it Down

For centuries meat has been aged on the bone, hanging in the open air. We then got really smart at refrigerating and speeding up the process. The result has been more intensive, faster and cheaper meat. But at the expense of flavour and tenderness. At the Isle of Wight Meat Co. we have decided to slow it down. We hang our meat, on the bone, in our Himalayan Salt Chamber for up to 8 weeks. The result: rich, sweet buttery flavours and juicy tenderness.

Cheverton Farm

We are based on our family-run farm on the Isle of Wight. Our old business model was based on supplying supermarkets and well-known restaurant chains. We decided to change our ways. So we built our own maturation and butchery facility. Its an ongoing process, but we now have outdoor cattle, sheep, pigs and game on the farm. We also work with other specialist local farms, all packaged together under our Isle of Wight Meat Co. brand.

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