Terms & Conditions

Indoor Heated Swimming Pool – No lifeguards and used at your own risk.

All guests will be provided with a swimming pool key which is for their own use during their stay. Please always make sure the pool is locked when you leave as it is a danger to children.

All sessions are booked privately for each cottage for two daily sessions up to 90 minutes. Further sessions can be allowed ‘on spec’ if the pool is empty. Please do not go in expecting to able to swim if you haven’t booked a session, or share it with guests from other cottages.

Pool Bookings can be marked up on the whiteboard outside the pool up to the end of the following day with the name of the cottage and time eg. Brummell Barn 10 – 11.30.

Pool will be open from 7.00am to 10.00pm. Lights will be on a timer switch so no need to turn them on/off.

No alcohol/food/glassware in the pool area.

Please bring your own swimming towels

The pool area will be cleaned using anti-viral disinfectant. Hand gel provided to use on your way into and out of the pool area.

A specialist pool company is advising on any additional chemicals required but the use of chlorine in the water is a powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial additive.  The pool will be closed on a Friday morning for maintenance.

All babies must wear swim nappies and please report any accidents immediately for the pool to be cleaned.

Please take all possessions away with you from the pool. We suggest Brummell Barn guests change in their cottage.

The pool is 10m long and 1.5m deep across the whole length with 2 sets of steps. It may not be suited to people with mobility problems. It is kept at a temperature of 28- 29 degrees centigrade which is recommended for leisure pools but may not be quite warm enough for very young babies or children and is not as warm as a hot tub!

Additional guests to the property (not staying overnight) are charged at £5 per person per day but must have prior permission from the property owner.

The Playground can be used if guests are asked to use hand gel before playing on it and it is suggested that children wash their hands afterwards. Please make a judgement about using the playground equipment and do not allow children who are at increased risk to use it during Covid 19. It includes a climbing frame with swings/slide and a 14ft trampoline (remove shoes). Children must be supervised and there must be an adult nearby in case of accidents. This facility is used at your own risk and any damage or accidents must be reported immediately to the hosts.

The Snooker Room is currently only for use by Brummell Barn guests. Children under 12 are not allowed to use this facility and children under 16 must be supervised.

The Games Room is situated behind the main farmhouse is currently for use by Brummell Barn guests only.

The farm animals can be stroked and farm walks are available at any time. Please ask if you want to see the     miniature donkeys. There are usually some lambs, sheep, pigs, or cattle in the yards and you are welcome to talk to them. We ask that you don’t feed the donkeys unless advised by the hosts, as it can be dangerous to their health. The pigs always enjoy left-over vegetables peelings, bread or fruit but not plate leftovers, meat or raw potatoes.

BRICK BBQ:  Both properties have a hand-made Mediterranean style brick BBQ with grills and ash pan. You are provided with BBQ tools and firelighters but are asked to provide your own charcoal.